Carolynn (Ce) Conner-Helton

I have taught art in many forms for over 20 years. Most recently Photography 1,2 at Hilltop High School, before that Yearbook, Online Newspaper, Multimedia and Video at Lincoln High.  I also taught for Wine and Canvas for a couple years from 2011-2013 acrylic painting. Before that, Digital Photography, Computer Art, Yearbook and Beginning Art through Poway and Sweetwater School District as well as CCTE/R.O.P. (which led me to persue my high school credential) for a year before, I did my student teaching at Coronado High School in Beginning Art and Digital Photography.

I also worked at the Chula Vista Nature Center and develped the curriculum for the summer program as well as taught it for kids 5 yrs to tweens.


I have also taught over 14 years through Sweetwater Adult School as well as private and semi-private lessons (Drawing, acrylics, oils, genesis, watercolors, pastels, and mixed media.) and computer art and design for over five years through UCSD’s DAC ( Digital Art Center) and Extension, Sweetwater Adult School (Photoshop, Illustration on the computer, Web Design, Graphic Design, Flash Animation, Visual Communications, Web Optimization, Interface Design, Digital Design Essential A and Dreamweaver) and have a thorough knowledge of Fine Art, Computer Arts and Design/Web Design as well as Photography. I have taught to a wide audience of students from 8 to 90 years old and just about every ethnic background possible. I can understand and speak some Spanish.


Not only have I been an Instructor for over 20 years, but have also worked in the corporate world during the dot com rise and fall and survived working in it after the dot com crash for 6 years as a Web Designer, Design Lead and Creative Director. I have been a Lead Designer and Creative Director for several companies and have an understanding of what employers wish to see in students coming out of school. I have started and run my own company in photography with an emphases in Wedding and Event photography as well as Portraits, with more of a photojournalistic approach to events. My understanding of both traditional Art, Photography and computer Design gives me an upper hand as well.


My qualifications and goals have prepared me to teach in the diverse academic, social, economic, cultural, ideological and ethnic environment represented in many schools today. I have been teaching in environments for younger kids, the adult school and at UCSD and high school, all of which have an extremely diverse population on the ethnic, ideological and social level. They are opposites on the economic and academic level in some cases and I have been exposed and taught successfully in all of the above situations. I feel it is important as a teacher to understand teaching in diverse populations.


Many of my projects are based in online interactive lessons that can be used as presentations as well as resources for both students and parents to see what is involved in the work required by the students. See example of the Elements of Art and Principles of Design I have been working on. I am also developing one for Drawing and am switching Powerpoitns for Photography over to one as well to flash presentations that download faster on the web. My passion during my BA was in Educational Technology and was half way through my Masters in it when I switched to Cross Cultural Education to be in the classroom. I have always been torn between the two. A class I often taught at UCSD DAC was “Thinking Outside the Box,” with samples of student work here .