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All projects will be listed on Aries.  If you are wanting to see what may need to be redone or was missing, check there first, then look to the projects under the tab for your class for instructions.  I also keep the weekly agenda updated on this site.  With those three things parents and students can stay updated on grades, due dates and what may or may not be missing.  Any student who is absent has full access to the projects and work here and are expected to check it to not fall behind.  So, check:

1. Aries

2. Weekly Agenda

3. Project requirements and instructions here on this site.

Work is not considered done unless it is turned in to dropbox!  All students will have access to a classroom dropbox

Featured Projects

Each Student has a portfolio website where they organize thier work as well as have a resume and bio.


Kathy V is our current featured portfolio project.


Click here to visit her site.


Click here to see other freatured student portfolios.

Featured Portfolio Website Project

Coming soon

Featured Photography Projects

Featured Video Project

These are the video clips from the shoot, used later for several finished videos.  Those videos will be added soon!

These are the photos taken during a Mock Wedding to give Writerz Block photos to show the use of the facility for events. Click on images to see large!

Writerz Blok

Last year we had a great internship with three companies coming together to work with the students and Writerz Blok (a non profit that gives kids a place to create grafiti and works to keep them away from drugs and gangs).  Details coming soon, but check out the  video, pics and such for now.

Featured Internship Project

Students Showcasing their project at the CCTE Showcase


Coming soon

Featured Computer Art Project